8 thoughts on “Adrift – October 12, 2019

      1. *Blushing* that is so sweet of you to say ♥️. It’s funny how it is so easy to see in others what we’d like to be able to do ourselves…I love how your rhymability brings a bit of lightness to very deep and raw topics. Sometimes I feel like I’m just being plain old dreary. The proverbially rain cloud that follows you around, I hope that’s not me.

        Anywho, keep sharing your amazing works. I enjoy them immensely ♥️!

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      2. It really is funny, isn’t it?!

        See, I think I just rhyme by numbers most of the time (and throw in the odd obscenity in to boot!) so I read wonderful poetry such as yours and am envious of your talents!!

        You’re certainly not a rain cloud to me – a lot of the time you express what I feel in a way I never could.

        Your writing – honed, honest and heart felt – is an inspiration to us all.
        I look forward to reading them…


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      3. Thank you so much ☺️! I feel the same when I read your poetry. We seem to be all inter-tangled in some way, shape, or form. Learning from each other. Appreciating each other…take care tonight ♥️!

        I just hope someday

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