Cuts Deep – January 21, 2019

What is trauma?

A sudden violent incident,

Maybe it repeats,

Or maybe just once…

…She always comes back.

10 thoughts on “Cuts Deep – January 21, 2019

  1. I like your short poem. I like, actually, all your poetry. But this one makes me wonder if she comes back because of a trauma of yours -which is has nothing to do with her loss- and makes you feel nice and safe, or it is the loss which is your trauma, but her presence -no matter the way- makes you feel better ? Sorry for asking. I’m a bit confused. It is wonderfully written, though.

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    1. Good morning! I think all my “trauma” stems from her loss. I have a hard time looking at it as trauma, but I think that’s what it is…I’ve held on to her for so long because I truly don’t know how to let her go. I’m learning to give her a place in my life, and trying to forgive myself and others for everything…c’est la vie ♥️.

      Thank you for taking the time to ask me hard questions, I truly appreciate your curiosity 🥰.

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  2. Thank you for answering my question, dear Doree. I think -no matter the words we use- the loss of a beloved is a permanent wound. There was, there is, and there will always be a place in your heart, your mind, your life.

    It is nice to me you express yourself the way you do it. Some people think that life is a permanent cheer up -not that this wouldn’t be wonderful- but i have news for them !

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    1. So true, I tried keeping that smile from ear to ear for a long time. It has taken a lot longer to realize it’s ok to not be perfectly happy. And just because I’m not smiling doesn’t mean I’m not a good person.

      I like emotions, and i like other’s emotions. They make life memorable and allow you to feel it.

      Thank you so much for your kind words, and always making me feel heard ♥️😊

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