The Whole Me – December 19, 2022

This space is sacred to me. It is where I come to visit and release my feelings. Feelings burrowed so deeply, you who have happened upon this blog, bear witness to a grief and life I have kept close to my heart, always. You have become my confidants, my keepers. Thank you, you who started out as complete strangers, for hearing a distant voice in the dark. Recently, I touched upon the topic of change. I realize now DoRee Melnic is always going to be a part of me, was always a part of me, is me. Directly speaking to myself, I am learning, accepting all of me is the only way to move forward. Ok, you say. On with it. I have some exciting news, and I really hope you’re going to like it!

Here we go…ready or not! Introducing…

Many Greetings, Many Faces an illustrated poem. A quirky read for the very young, or anybody who likes to play in imaginary worlds. I hope you’ll feel right at home in between these pages.

If you are interested in purchasing the book, the link to purchase from the publisher is in the title above. You can also purchase on or Please don’t forget to help me out and leave a review on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Thank you for forever being part of this journey. Until forever ends…Let’s keep going!

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