Talking to you…

Each Talking to you piece is a little bit of myself. A bread crumb of my existence. An insight into why I write what I write, and where it comes from. My hope is to openly express as best as I can through poetry and photography my “life feelings”, and how they have affected me.

Through this process, I hope other’s in similar situations, see that every feeling born from grief has a place. And It’s Ok.

I recently came across a book, completely by chance. The individual who recommended it, was unaware, and I am so thankful. You never really know when or by whom you are being heard. It’s so important to speak up. People can always choose to ignore you or hear you. The Smell of Rain on Dust, by Martin Prechtel is beautifully written, and no matter what your faith, it’s simple message speaks to everyone.

“Grief is praise of those we have lost…To not grieve is a violence to the Divine and our own hearts and especially to the dead. If we do not grieve what we miss, we are not praising what we love. If we do not praise whom we miss, we are ourselves in some way dead. So grief and praise make us alive (p. 36-37).”

Martin Prechtel, The Smell of Rain on Dust

Here’s a quick resource to all of my Talking to you posts…if you’re interested.