Talking to you…Rabbit Hole 5/2/22

I was sitting here, in my partially comfy hospital recliner. Half awake and half in a drugged out Benadryl stupor when a woman’s voice came over the loud speaker for the whole hospital to hear. It sounded very scripted and “robot-esque”. Can you hear it? “FIRST RESPONDERS - MEDICAL EMERGENCY - CLINIC - FIRST FLOOR … Continue reading Talking to you…Rabbit Hole 5/2/22

A Blind Heart’s Silhouette – March 4, 2022

The dark light Silhouettes my arms, so I know they are there The touch that falls to the ground Walking With steps Dragging on… Past each and every moment I could have stopped And let you in Flown home to your call It ticked Past my bedtime I dreamt of you And dream of you … Continue reading A Blind Heart’s Silhouette – March 4, 2022

Talking to you…2/17/22

PARTS AND PIECES No Manual, No Mother Hi mom. Wow, those words. I’ve never written them together. Now I can’t see through my eyes, darn it. I read things. And lately, I’ve happened upon a handful that make me stop, maybe shed a tear or two, but mostly just think. Think about the life I’ve … Continue reading Talking to you…2/17/22

Love, Left Nowhere – December 20, 2021 Inside of this hole I fell down Watching the smooth walls Shimmer by and by Waiting to hit bottom It never comes Moving Into the clouds They pass me by Tasting like cotton candy My eyes blinking closed I feel the vibrations Of love, left nowhere The tips of my toes Reaching For something … Continue reading Love, Left Nowhere – December 20, 2021

Talking to you…Her 70th Birthday 1/25/22

This year we acknowledged my mom’s birthday. It would have been a big one - 70! We did it with food and no words, but the food was good and comfortable like her. I felt indifferent. I wasn’t sure about bringing others into this with me, but last year felt oddly insufficient and I wanted … Continue reading Talking to you…Her 70th Birthday 1/25/22

Inside My Room – November 17, 2021

The covers tussled and left alone The remote can be found on the floor underneath the bed, I think. I can’t reach my lamp It has been pushed too far away The blinds are mostly shut Except for a few cracks in-between the folds I can hear the toilet running Day after day It’s the … Continue reading Inside My Room – November 17, 2021