Thoughts In Death – September 20, 2019

I can't help, but See her in the grasses On bended knee amongst the cattails. Deep in her prairie Where she went to be. ~~~ The awe of what’s invisible Content on rising, Always in the east. ~~~ Each and every Passing moment Wasting away. ~~~ She sits alone Hands pressed against her chest Swaying … Continue reading Thoughts In Death – September 20, 2019

Each Sundown – June 24, 2019

The sunlight hits The side of the hill, Ricocheting off Tall thin grasses. ~~~ Tickling the air Between each Exhale blown. ~~~ Black metal fences shine in their glory, The whole way round. ~~~ Funny little insects Dance and bounce, Illuminated In the suns last rays. ~~~ As it falls below the horizon, Ho-hum. A … Continue reading Each Sundown – June 24, 2019

The Reed – September 28, 2018

Strong and firm. Roots stretching deep into the dark, rich soil. Always feeling the weight of the world, Consumed with the swirling breath of air wrapped up around them. Tossed and twisted to other’s pleasure. The Reeds are whipped endlessly. They battle, time and time again, to stand up tall. The whirlwind synchronizes their dance, … Continue reading The Reed – September 28, 2018