Extrapolate Me – September 9, 2020

I like your words Because they’re wild And they pick at my brain Spin my insides Into knots Taking me from the burden of my sanity Or insanity But who’s counting While I read on Waiting in the darkness For what comes next The candle eventually Fizzles And the lure of gases Persuades me Out … Continue reading Extrapolate Me – September 9, 2020

Talking to you…Not a Pretty Girl 9/4/20

Heading into the weekend, I was listening to Ani DiFranco this morning while cleaning up the kitchen. Pleasantly kicking dishes asses, if you've ever listened to Ani before. Her song Not A Pretty Girl came on, and the first three lines immediately grabbed my attention. This song challenges me to stand up, be me, and … Continue reading Talking to you…Not a Pretty Girl 9/4/20

Dreaming of You – August 25, 2020

What happens when my mind goes And my body is left curved like the moon A piece of Swiss cheese So many holes The man asks, Where did you come from? A place where The tilt Makes the only difference The sun shines Or it doesn’t Later isn’t yesterday And now will never be tomorrow … Continue reading Dreaming of You – August 25, 2020

Head In the Clouds – July 27, 2020

Your wheels roll by Popping gravel Soaking up my psyche Floating Chasing Lost fingertips Scratching the surface Never digging deeper As we all flutter by Disappearing Behind the fence Locked in inertia Induced emesis Everything splattered On a simple page Never to be seen Always there Plain as day And night And twilight Stirring, stirring... … Continue reading Head In the Clouds – July 27, 2020