Tumbleweed – April 12, 2019

As the tumbleweed preforms it’s tap I sit front row, center, Attentively awaiting it’s show. I watch it travel by, Over and over. The same dance, Over and over. Skt—Skt—ttt—ttt—Skt-Skt-Skt-Skt—-Skt. Over and over, The same song sings, the dance it brings. Somehow this recital never grows old, Keep on watching.

Sculpted – May 18, 2019

The ugliness I’ve sculpted, Plain and simply, me. Escaping the whirlwind that returns, Unknown. Seeing the beauty Encapsulated by your life, Breaks my heart And sucks me back in. Treasured memories Are few between. Swept away by The dependable wind. Will we meet again? Will we know each other? The ugliness I’ve sculpted, Plain and … Continue reading Sculpted – May 18, 2019