Only a Soul – February 13, 2021

Alone A single Something Floating Crisp and chilled Persuaded by the wind Which way ~ Holding on And Dying slowly Because It’s not dead yet Looking miles upon miles Down the road Until it all turns to nothing ~ The most alone It will ever feel Is freeing And tempting Taking in All the frosty … Continue reading Only a Soul – February 13, 2021

Curtain Call – December 9, 2020

Sitting in the moon light So I can see you In it’s gaze Laying down And breathing in Until it hurts Releasing The madness Pouring out Into a mist All around us Floating Like bees in the dark Leading the blind And Misplaced It has always been me You truly see In the gaze Of … Continue reading Curtain Call – December 9, 2020

Mazed – December 1, 2020

Rolling in the hills That surround my home Bleeding out the front door Skipping beside you Down the front path Only stopping In the middle To take in everything Arms raised, opened To the vast unknown Nothingness I look for you A feeling That’s agitating And comfortable I sit stagnant In my chair In the … Continue reading Mazed – December 1, 2020