Talking to you…Antihistamine 11/4/22

I have a lot of time, on days like today. My eyes get blurry and unfocused when they have to pump me full of medicine to stop the reaction from the other medicine. So, I annoyingly drift between sleep and awake. Seven hours to be exact. The nurse that visits when the pump needs to … Continue reading Talking to you…Antihistamine 11/4/22

Incognito – September 12, 2022

I had become Incognito To myself For so long The strands of my hair No longer curled in any direction Convincing me of all the things and thoughts I did not need Or want Or care about Not knowing myself good enough To realize a touch That burned My faltered ego And left me speechless … Continue reading Incognito – September 12, 2022

Opus – August 17, 2022

The little fragments of moments When a thought creeps in Is usually when it hits the hardest. On levels you’ll never understand But you could… If maybe, you opened your mind But we’ve been through this a thousand other times And yet, you decide to put me in my place Where I’ve always stayed But … Continue reading Opus – August 17, 2022

Talking to you…Rabbit Hole 5/2/22

I was sitting here, in my partially comfy hospital recliner. Half awake and half in a drugged out Benadryl stupor when a woman’s voice came over the loud speaker for the whole hospital to hear. It sounded very scripted and “robot-esque”. Can you hear it? “FIRST RESPONDERS - MEDICAL EMERGENCY - CLINIC - FIRST FLOOR … Continue reading Talking to you…Rabbit Hole 5/2/22

A Blind Heart’s Silhouette – March 4, 2022

The dark light Silhouettes my arms, so I know they are there The touch that falls to the ground Walking With steps Dragging on… Past each and every moment I could have stopped And let you in Flown home to your call It ticked Past my bedtime I dreamt of you And dream of you … Continue reading A Blind Heart’s Silhouette – March 4, 2022

Talking to you…2/17/22

PARTS AND PIECES No Manual, No Mother Hi mom. Wow, those words. I’ve never written them together. Now I can’t see through my eyes, darn it. I read things. And lately, I’ve happened upon a handful that make me stop, maybe shed a tear or two, but mostly just think. Think about the life I’ve … Continue reading Talking to you…2/17/22