This is the Middle – October 6, 2021

I’m worried Because Your eyes tell a story Of space Uninterest You look through me If at me at all And sometimes I’ll find you off in the distance The only emotion you commit to Is lying down On your own sword But even then You tell me again and again You’re only Responding to … Continue reading This is the Middle – October 6, 2021

Talking to you…10/3/21

PARTS AND PIECES I Drove to You You were the only one That knew me then And I was searching somewhere For the strength to leave Heading in your direction They Should have cancelled each other out. ~~~ A box of trinkets Sat alone in the backseat Mirroring my reality I could feel them pulsating … Continue reading Talking to you…10/3/21

Flabbergast of Love – September 20, 2021

Sometimes It hits me in the face Hard Knocking me out Offended At all she put in And the nothing She got out What is a legacy Without a name A whisper amongst The breeze Was that my job I’ve been carrying so long I’m bloated And ready to gush Set her free I will … Continue reading Flabbergast of Love – September 20, 2021

Missing – August 31, 2021

I wake up Somedays Missing her Beyond Anything That could be imagined Missing The days I learn little trinkets Of her existence Missing The delusion That keeps her perfect I will always long For someone I never knew And sometimes that is the hardest Bit of everything Missing the pride That might never have been … Continue reading Missing – August 31, 2021

Dreamsicle Hypocrisy – August 3, 2021

I swear I don’t Hold on To things Blinding Myself To letting Them go Never looking Over my shoulders Bounding into fields Leaving marks Picked up As I remember All I’ve lost Time and time again Things I’ve put down And smiled at Filling my belly Night after night Never enough Flying past you Always … Continue reading Dreamsicle Hypocrisy – August 3, 2021

Singular – July 10, 2021

The inescapable longing Left Tightens in the chest and Sometimes escapes the lips Dreary Far beyond any day’s darkness Found At the end of a rural escape Bringing no solace It settles in your bones Turning you incapacitated At the most inopportune times Left all by yourself It’s a part of you now No other … Continue reading Singular – July 10, 2021