A Ghost in Your Heart – February 13, 2020

I’ve wished I could simply tell you Just how lamented You’ve left me It hasn’t gotten easier As the meter ticked The waves Were measured Time has decided to Bring me here Pounding this sea wall Washing, washing Me away Your ignorance, Not a gleeful bliss, But actual ignore-ence Helped Suppress and create This land … Continue reading A Ghost in Your Heart – February 13, 2020

Unimpeached – January 4, 2020

They want to win They want it more than ever The power he stands on Right at this very moment Has darkened Any light, If any, That shown Inside the epicenter The chosen one Tapped into the hatred Harbored In their heads The confusion That whirls And spatters From here to there Written on the … Continue reading Unimpeached – January 4, 2020