Crying Alone – November 26, 2019

Sitting and breaking Ice cracking Slipping into the melt Searching for a balance In this flooded space ~~~ Looking up To see this contorting face Observing the reflection Of each relentless heartache The leftovers as they Trickle down ~~~ Standing between the open air I want so desperately to sip And an honesty, I’ve kept … Continue reading Crying Alone – November 26, 2019

My Tiny Window – November 22, 2019

Laying atop, sinking in To these soft covers Velvety fur caresses my skin Watching the world Stand still. A dark thump Hits hard and falls. The nothingness That stands in its way Reflecting light Bouncing Shapes That define something That is never Really There. How many looking glasses Stand in our way Of moving forward … Continue reading My Tiny Window – November 22, 2019