Talking to you…Tuesday 3/12/19

For those not acquainted with the womanly side of puberty…this may get a little awkward for you. But, it’s ok! I made it through, and so can you!

I’m just going to dive right in, I got my first period a month after my mom died (blush), and my dad did the only thing he knew to do, he told me to get a pad from my mom’s stash that was still living in her bathroom.

Cue dad brushing hands together, problem solved, right? Nope, I was on my way to a swim meet. I like to imagine, if my mom were there it would have turned into some grand embarrassing conversation about tampon usage. Instead, I got one memorable day of swimming.

Note to eleven year old self, do not EVER wear a pad in the water, they blow up! Oops, sorry, kid. Too late.

Enter first life lesson learned after my mom died. That was bad. But, at that time, I’m positive it was more traumatic for him than me. In hindsight, the worst part of the situation for me were the invisible stares I felt during the swim meet piercing my tender naive heart. Nobody stepped up to help. To take me aside, and help in that moment of need. Now, I recognize those looks as looks of pity. They bent me in ways I’m still dealing with today. I despise pity.

Enter second lesson learned…If you ever see someone in need and have the opportunity to help, step up and help. I know they will appreciate it ;).

Brought to you by, the little things that happen after your mother dies, before puberty.

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