Talking to you…Not alone, even if just for a moment 8/26/19

Hey, uhhhh hi. I'm kinda stumped for words, which I thought was utterly impossible. But it happened. Back to back things happened, and I'm stumbling. Interestingly enough, it's not a rare occurrence, it's happened on several occasions since I started this journey. But it still throws me for a loop. Sits me down, and takes … Continue reading Talking to you…Not alone, even if just for a moment 8/26/19

Talking to you…Somewhat Ironic 8/11/19

A couple days after I wrote these words... ~~~ Cant let go, Can’t go back, Can’t move forward. ~~~ I was reminiscing this afternoon, because what else do you do on a Sunday, and remembered this... ~~~ In the middle of a conversation He got up and walked away. Because, he says, “I get over … Continue reading Talking to you…Somewhat Ironic 8/11/19

Talking to you…The Herd 8/9/19

My thought bubble just burst... It is not you, against the world. Last time I checked, the world didn't know your name. It’s big, you’re small. A speck of dust in the wind. That’s how much power you contain. ~~~ Unless, The world opens up And swallows whole One person’s Chant Their absolute rant. Then … Continue reading Talking to you…The Herd 8/9/19