Tumbleweed – April 12, 2019

As the tumbleweed preforms it’s tap I sit front row, center, Attentively awaiting it’s show. I watch it travel by, Over and over. The same dance, Over and over. Skt—Skt—ttt—ttt—Skt-Skt-Skt-Skt—-Skt. Over and over, The same song sings, the dance it brings. Somehow this recital never grows old, Keep on watching.

Cloaked – May 14, 2019

This family, Is not mine Un-included Far away Distant thought Touches down Separate the pain Packed into boxes The picture drawn Delicate Rage placed  Just out of sight Between the lines Stippled over An artists piece Studied You’ll find me there Emotions checked Hiding inside The beauty drawn On the page  In front of you.

Join Me – May 8, 2019

Come, join me. Let’s drown in sadness. Sulk in the fluid river of tears. Swim in the lakes of our demise. Flirt with what’s coming. Take my hand, join me. In this beautiful dance, But before you do Grab ahold of something That will pull you up, Remind you, You are still alive.