Obligatory Love – May 31, 2019

Working the room, A Filial beloved Drowns in The must permeating. ~~~ Building, Layers on skin. Blinding eyes To truth. ~~~ Sitting, solitary. An empty room surrounds me. The chill of metal On my legs Pressing into my hide, As one, we sit in place. ~~~ White walls Evade emotion. Fluorescent bulbs, No windows Seal … Continue reading Obligatory Love – May 31, 2019

Motherless Daughter – May 24, 2019

Mama, please don’t go, I’m not strong enough. The memory of you, Lost in the waves of time And too volatile to prod. ~~~ Life moves fast, I had no choice. Heart breaks a thousand times each day Bellowing for you. ~~~ Your lessons are a record, In my mind, But I’m still weak Not … Continue reading Motherless Daughter – May 24, 2019

Talking to you…a song 5/21/19

A friend, of a friend, wrote and sang this beautiful song about letting go and meeting again. If you have ever watched someone fight to stay alive, this song will definitely bring on the those funny little things that pop out your eyes when you're happy and sad. Full of hope and light. Always Keep … Continue reading Talking to you…a song 5/21/19

Until – April 12,2019

[Your mother died], so what. Ignore the pain Push it down Out of sight Even for you, Especially you. Until. Freedom leaves your spirit. Left with nothing, You feel nothing. Decades keep churning Looking in from the out. Until. They show up, Spicy and hot with flare. Holding out your hands, Burning everything you touch. … Continue reading Until – April 12,2019

The Forgotten, Then Remembered – April 9, 2019

The forgotten, then remembered Hits you hard the second time ‘round, Unprepared and snoring. The forgotten, then remembered Sends bubbles cutting through the surface, We've all been told a watched pot never boils. The forgotten, then remembered Scrapes their way into your existence, Then cuts you deep. The forgotten, then remembered Throws a surprise party … Continue reading The Forgotten, Then Remembered – April 9, 2019

Talking to you…Pocket Change

I had a weak moment, and this Poem, Pocket Change, came from it. I'm not proud. Judge away... POCKET CHANGE - March 25, 2019 You'll never buy your way into my heart. Or did you think you could? My tears aren’t worth your time? You think your pocket change should make everything shine? Keep jingling … Continue reading Talking to you…Pocket Change

Grief by Death – March 25, 2019

This is death, followed by grief, And it’s ok. Buried, now awake, and strung out. Not myself, I don’t want to be. The sky opens each morning and night, And swallows my heart whole. Soaking in the sadness Perpetually overflowing. This is death, followed by grief, And it’s ok. Memories playing on repeat. Catch me … Continue reading Grief by Death – March 25, 2019

Back and Forth – March 17, 2019

There are times out of nowhere I can’t catch my breath. She squeezes with all her might, And tugs at my bleeding heart. I can’t think straight. Mind frozen in the past, or is it the future that makes me sob? So hard the tears flood my cheeks turn into rivers. I can’t see past … Continue reading Back and Forth – March 17, 2019