The Passerby – July 31, 2019

Disturbed. A lifetime used To wonder, But never reach out. ~~~ Time is dirty, Muddy prints left. Tracking down Nostalgia lane. ~~~ Doors opened, That should have stayed closed. Latched and locked, But picked with curiosity. ~~~ Trouble spilling on the floor, Swept clean. Specks of dust remain, Undisturbed. ~~~ It is present, But invisible. … Continue reading The Passerby – July 31, 2019

Back and Forth – March 17, 2019

There are times out of nowhere I can’t catch my breath. She squeezes with all her might, And tugs at my bleeding heart. I can’t think straight. Mind frozen in the past, or is it the future that makes me sob? So hard the tears flood my cheeks turn into rivers. I can’t see past … Continue reading Back and Forth – March 17, 2019