Path Weaver – May 21, 2019

The lonely road, Nobody chooses. Few end up walking It’s length. The path lined with flowers Is much more enticing. Warm and inviting, Full of others making their way. Each filled with lessons. Each deceptive for what they are. Your strength in the moment Can guide you in your choice. I advise, To listen wisely … Continue reading Path Weaver – May 21, 2019

I Promise – April 30, 2019

I promise, One thing With me. You’ll never be bored. I’ll keep you guessing. On your toes. You go right? I’ll go left. Never, Will you catch up to me. I’m a moving target. Always feeling what’s on my sleeve, Roll ‘Em up, Let's get dirty. I promise, One thing With me. I’ve let go, … Continue reading I Promise – April 30, 2019