Second of Awareness – March 15, 2020

Just past the hill

Where the shadow falls

The bed runs dry

The grasses bend

Under my cracked feet

Landing on a cold

Soft pillow


My senses


From their slumber

I ingest everything

Surrounding me


And gulping

A deep breath


For the energy

Given to me

In this


Of awareness

10 thoughts on “Second of Awareness – March 15, 2020

    1. Thank you, Ely! You are such a sweet soul for sharing with me these kind words. It’s truly comforting to know someone in the universe can identify with something that’s come from your heart. Thank you so much for taking the time to read them and share your thoughts ♥️♥️♥️. You have truly made my day 😊

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      1. Thank you so much from my heart! ❤ I am very sensitive, I can feel the emotions on my heart through words and images as if they were mine, I am very emotional by the poems, I see very much feelings in the beauty of words, I am so happy to have met you and your wonderful poems!!! 🥰

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      2. I am the same way, I’ve learned it can be a gift, as well as, a curse ♥️. Right now is a very overwhelming time, but it has opened the door to so much love. I’m equally as glad to have met you 😊. I hope you are staying safe and heathy.

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