Stripped Down – January 19, 2023

The light twinkles In a reflection Of all the things I have been and want to be It’s lonely looking out the door Once you’ve decided to leave Walking over the ashes Of everything that stood in the way Spitting and thrashing Hating it all Really hating it all Pounding Always in the same spot … Continue reading Stripped Down – January 19, 2023

Talking to you…Antihistamine 11/4/22

I have a lot of time, on days like today. My eyes get blurry and unfocused when they have to pump me full of medicine to stop the reaction from the other medicine. So, I annoyingly drift between sleep and awake. Seven hours to be exact. The nurse that visits when the pump needs to … Continue reading Talking to you…Antihistamine 11/4/22

Blank – October 11, 2019

Something jostles my eye Thought eluded Onto the next Mind feels strangled Lack of air Head turns to look Still nothing Wandering My fingers crawling Trying hard To pull it out Open the bag Stark white and clean Lost in nothing Searching For what it was I just put down Over there Out of reach … Continue reading Blank – October 11, 2019