Talking to you…Trampoline 10/30/19

This song takes me there...Trampoline, by SHAED Picture by ARI Link to music video - Lyrics I've been havin dreamsJumpin on a trampolineFlippin in the airI never land just float thereAs I'm looking upSuddenly the sky eruptsFlames alight the treesSpread to fallin leavesNow they're right upon me Wait if I'm on fireHow am I … Continue reading Talking to you…Trampoline 10/30/19

A Whimper – June 20, 2019

Startled, Eyelids spring open, Slowly closing into a haze. A touch unknown. Half exposed, The darkness continues Beyond the curtains. What caused this stir? Life lived with her? Synapses fired me To a stooped attention. I did not see her face. It was, The after, That brought me here. Weeping Into, the silence Broken, By … Continue reading A Whimper – June 20, 2019

Polite (In My Dreams) – March 10, 2019

I want to feel it, so badly. The lightness of life she lived. I want to breath it in my blood, and sweat it out my pours. She lived for that day, when she awoke it was all that mattered. The heaviness I carry, is a dull knife. What’s left is ragged and ugly. It’s … Continue reading Polite (In My Dreams) – March 10, 2019