A Whimper – June 20, 2019


Eyelids spring open,

Slowly closing into a haze.

A touch unknown.

Half exposed,

The darkness continues

Beyond the curtains.

What caused this stir?

Life lived with her?

Synapses fired me

To a stooped attention.

I did not see her face.

It was,

The after,

That brought me here.


Into, the silence


By my own pain.

I let the hurt seep in

Clinging to my lungs,


For air.

To take one more sip

Of a sweetness,

I did not know.

A mess of sobs

Gurgling up

From my bowels.

So much time,

No wonder,

This pain

Filled me so full.

Spilling out,

A chill pressed

to my cheek

With a dampness

Awaking me

To my own slumbered


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