Lemonade – June 17, 2019

Do I drain you? Enfeebled, Articulating All of these letters. Strung together A welcome banner Wrenched taught Between posts. Only to point you Toward the exit, Far from this place. An escape That feels fresh And light. Go ahead, Drink the lemonade. A rush of sweetness Hits your tongue. Finding the beauty In each gulp. … Continue reading Lemonade – June 17, 2019

Talking to you…Emotional Block 6/15/19

Writer's block, So cliche. What about, emotional block. When your heart has given all it can, and stops to breath. You wait and you ponder, Feeling nothing. It's okay to be numb for awhile. It gives you time to exhale. When it returns, and it always does. You will be ready to spill it out … Continue reading Talking to you…Emotional Block 6/15/19