The Poker Hand – February 19, 2018

You both were dealt the worst hand in the world.

Four different suits. 

Colors across the board.

Not a single pair, and you didn’t throw in.

You played the hand, discarding all but one in hopes the flop would be kinder.

Looking for pairs, a three of a kind, at the mercy of the stack of cards.

Let’s be honest, your hands both sucked.

The bottom of the barrel, but you did not fold.

You kept playing, you bluffed, and we all threw in.

Somehow, we survived.

My heart aches for what you endured.

Your strength to move forward is something that carried me through my youth.

But now, I am older, I see the damage your bluffing has done.

As the surface of her tomb gets scratched

My need for answers float closer to the top.

One day I will ask you,

One day I will surface, and so will she.

Until then I will gather bits and pieces, of her.

I am ok with that, for now.

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