It’s Ok – February 9, 2018

I just want you to know…

It’s ok, to cry out loud.

It’s ok, to yell and get angry.

It’s ok, to not want to.

It’s ok, to remember.

It’s ok, to speak their name.

It’s ok, to ask questions.

It’s ok, to be happy and smile.

It’s ok, to just be.

It’s ok, to move forward, you’re not leaving them behind.

It’s ok, to feel.

It’s ok, to let the little things remind you of them.

It’s ok, to let yourself feel their love in your heart, even if it hurts.

Somedays, will be harder than others, but as time moves forward, so will you.

Look for them every day. They will be there waiting for you.

You’ll never stop loving them, you’ll just start in a different way.

Through yours and other’s memories, 

They will live in your heart forever.

So, make room, and settle in.

This is now their home.

In your heart, in your voice, in your actions.

It’s going to be ok.

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