Space and Time – April 2, 2019

As I motor through the realm of space and time,

Gliding over the rolling hills of clouds,

Inside the bluest brightest sky,

Where the air is crisp, biting at my cheeks,

Is she up here?

Will I see her bicycling by?

As I sit and wait for her grand appearance,

My mind is a vessel filled to the brim.

Waiting for the moment we are reunited,

If only by sight.

To see her humanly body again,

Would fill my heart so full.

But then I wonder, would that be enough?

Starved for something so desperately,

I fear only a glimpse would make the grumbling in my gut grow louder.

The insatiable pain that will never cease.

These clouds can’t roll her back into view.

In this space and time she’s gone,

Lost, only to memories.

No amount of escape, from this earth, shall bring her back into my life.

Until we meet again,

I’m grounded.

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