I want – June 30, 2019

You—you live,

For what I want.

Your breath,

Sends shivers

Blowing past my ear.

The outline

Of your silhouette,


Making my mind twist

Until I surface

Legs Knotted

Crickets chirping

Calling out

In some rhythmic form.

Making the blood pump

Waiting for you—you

Give me

what I want.

The oblivion

Of where I exist

Lends no favor

To the lust

I contain

For the contour

Of the person

I once imagined you to be.

Time has ticked

To a freckle.

Frozen in

Your shoreline,

My original


Deep enough to contain

Your prey,

But too shallow

To dive in.


In my thoughts,

Invisible touches,

A love so kind.

My arms drop to my sides,

Eyes no longer of use

In the warmth

Of each sun drop.

A thousand strands of hair

Brush the crest

Of my back.

Your movements

Make wanting more of you,

On the tip of my tongue.

Our lives intersecting,

But for one heartbeat.

Is that enough

To steer our souls

in the same direction?


Your Puzzle Pieces


Where I want them to be.

Is this you—you

I want,

Or the image

I’ve sketched to perfection

In my minds eye?

Our paths continue on,

Sweeping past each other.

You—you live,

For what I want.

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