Where it Goes – December 5, 2020


To a place

My rhythm

Dances on


Where I started

And where I fell down

The blind eye

We all have

Exists for a reason


In spite

The river ran dry

20 thoughts on “Where it Goes – December 5, 2020

      1. You’re welcome, Doree. I’m so happy to see you writing with your unique and special way.

        Probably, it doesn’t sound nice what i just wrote since all you do and want is to express your feelings and self, and nothing more.

        But i had to write my thoughts on this.

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      2. I like that you think I write in a unique and special way, thank you. I’ve never felt like I fit into a box, and whether it’s a fault or bonus of mine I will always stay true to who I am. I wonder sometimes if what I have to share, others can identify with. What I write about is specific to me, but maybe the feelings are universal?

        Anyway, You are a very special person whom I truly appreciate. Thank you for all of your support and kindness ❤️🤗

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    1. Thank you!! I always am amazed at the feelings you convey as well in such few words ❤️…sometime or most times I think that really hits the hardest 💔❤️

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