Missing – August 31, 2021

I wake up


Missing her



That could be imagined


The days I learn little trinkets

Of her existence


The delusion

That keeps her perfect

I will always long

For someone I never knew

And sometimes that is the hardest

Bit of everything

Missing the pride

That might never have been

The hugs

That were never asked for

I’ll always wake up

With a piece of her

Stuck to me


9 thoughts on “Missing – August 31, 2021

  1. You know what makes your lines good? The truth of them. They are speaking out to someone. That I miss in most poetry elsewhere. I´’ve come to this post after reading through my WP feed (poets’ quotations, amateurs, and so). The idea’s hit me that there’s a lot of intellectual stuff in the way of a poet’s inspiration nowadays (or too much imposture, not meaning to be there, most likely) , or at least I don’t get to understand it or relate to it. Your lines are felt and I relate to the feeling though experiences surely differ, but the emotion, the feeling… That I like. Whatever has to do intellectuality with composing from one’s heart and mind, I wonder. I needed to say it 💚🌱

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    1. Thank you for saying it. What I write is definitely what I feel. Sometimes, because this is the way I do it, I have found I need to step back, but I will always return because I will always feel. Your words mean a tremendous amount to me ☺️

      Being heard in this noisy world is such a gift, thank you ❤️

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