By a Thread – January 14, 2020

You surely remember

You died that day too

I think in a way

we all did

But life went on

And here I am

Trying to remember

The things put down

Only if I knew

How impossible it would be

To pick them back up.

Yes, I’m sad she is gone

But that is not what I wrestle with

In my head

This pain I carry was put there

By something else

It’s upfront

And in my face

But kept quiet

Through the years

For the sake

Of easing an existence

Only to cost the sanity

I hold onto by a thread

14 thoughts on “By a Thread – January 14, 2020

    1. I feel we speak a very similar language when it comes to how we see life. Even though our styles are different, your writing always touches me deeply ♥️. Thank you for sharing your feelings with me, it means so much.

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      1. You are too sweet, sometimes I feel that it is not me in control of my writing, stream of consciousness is a powerful thing…

        Your writing kicks ass like no other. You are brave with what you say, and in many ways I dream of that 😊.

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  1. It is not the absence alone, right? I keep reading it to myself, this part: “kept quiet/Through the years/For the sake/Of easing an existence/Only to cost the sanity/I hold onto by a thread” I would not dare to say I understand what you meant, but it does make sense for a bit of my own living experience. Painful and yet, beautiful, Doree 🌺

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    1. Awww, I think I see what you’re saying. Maybe this will help…It is the silence, what I have not spoken about for the sake of others that eats away at my sanity. I am happy and sad that you could find something in it that was relatable. This one was painful, but I feel my mom somehow sprinkles beauty into the things I write. Because I alone don’t always see the beauty. Thank you so much for pointing it out ♥️.

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      1. The story of my family is a strange one, painful at the end, and a long one to tell, like every other’s, but I did felt those words of yours as my own (I understand that kind of silence, I think so at least) and that is also the beauty of poetry, language coming out of true emotions, it gets to others and for a moment it creates a common space for all who read it. This time it was your poetry, Doree, which created it. That’s the reason I think, and I say, it is beautiful. 🌺

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  2. What, pray tell, is the definition of Sanity? Is the constant bombing of foreign countries, because we can, Sane? Is the marching in lockstep of Republicans with our little tin god president a mark of Sanity? Or the Democrats in lockstep with Ms. Pelosi a mark of Sanity? Is Corporate Profit above all a Sane proposition? Is a bank setting up millions of fake accounts for it customers a sign of Sanity? Is locking up millions of Black Men for the mere possession of less than an ounce of Pot a Sane thing to do? All of the above to my mind are acts of total Insanity. All of this is caused by GREED & The Lust for Power and Profit, this disease drives men Insane. Because I retain the ability to Think for Myself, I need neither Leaders, nor do I need to be a Follower…..So am I to be considered a Sane Person, or just a disgruntled rebel? Please take the time to give us your definition of Sanity…….

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    1. Good morning! Thank you for taking the time to put together such a thoughtful/provoking comment :). I agree with you on your definition of sanity/insanity as pertains to the questions you are posing. In this poem, I was describing an internal sanity. Sanity to me internally is peace of mind. I feel sane when the noise in my head is quiet, but when it’s loud, I find insanity lurking close by. So, my question then becomes, can you ever consider anyone sane?


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