We All Disappear – February 9, 2020

When the fog settles in

The street lights

Glow a little wider.

Up that hill

Just ahead

I see my way,

It’s not clear.

The red lights disappear

Flat, on the horizon line.

I’m left wandering,

Will I?

20 thoughts on “We All Disappear – February 9, 2020

      1. I’m absolutely trying, but all of it together is what makes us, us :). It’s almost like we have to remember the past to make the best decisions in the future, but now is when it’s all happening…whoa. I’ve just thrown myself for a loop ;). Life is hard and beautiful, I say we just try our best ❤️

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      2. Lol! I guess talking about time (past, present, future), I feel I’m talking in circles…I don’t know what’s best because you can’t have one without the other…

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    1. Hazel, No one’s ever late, in my book ;). Thank you so much for your kind words ☺️, they truly are humbling. Courage is something I’m still working on everyday. I bet you’ll find whatever your looking for, if you can just let go. Hugs ♥️ DoRee


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