Smile – April 22, 2022

I lay in bed

In the twilight

Before one is fully awake

That is when

I seem to remember my dreams

I told you some things

Some things

About numbers

And you seemed to take me seriously

But I haven’t heard from you since

And you had nothing more to say

Your smile was pretty

And made me awake

And forget the rest

18 thoughts on “Smile – April 22, 2022

    1. Let me tell you, ironically I listened to this at 4:30am this morning…3 times, and then another and once more. It is clear to me now that you have been drinking. Soooo good. If my words gave you even an ounce of thought toward that poem…I am beyond humbled.

      I would never kill you, I don’t know where you live…anyway…I’m so glad you shared the piece. Maybe, just maybe, one day I’ll write something so poignant (does that word even do it justice?!).

      You are the best, thank you ❤️

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      1. One day you’ll write the poem that I’ll link to for someone else. Philip Larkin has always been one of my favorites… but never so enjoyable as when he reads his own material…

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      2. One day…thank you for believing ❤️

        Yes! I was just talking to somebody the other day (or maybe I was in my own head…lol) about how people reading poetry out loud now-a-days seems so different (okay maybe not everybody). Then I thought…am I being sexist/generationist?! Whoa. Sometimes I find it hard to listen past the sound they are making with their voice…it’s like barking…but maybe I’m being too harsh. It just seems so preachy instead of thought provoking, journeying, observing…

        Thank you so much for sharing the link with me…it has definitely jump started my senses!

        And by the way…you’ve been awfully hard on poets lately 🤨😉

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