Rhetorical Past – January 29, 2020

What if…

Pictures were never hung

Because they knew

They’d have to be taken down


What if…

closets were cleaned out

Only to make room for another


What if…

Tears were hidden

Out of kindness

To protect the ones you love most


What if…

Words were never shared

And years were lost

To this silence



All I can do

is think

What if…

But then again

What good does that do

20 thoughts on “Rhetorical Past – January 29, 2020

  1. Sublime emotions 🥰 I see myself a lot in your wonderful words, I was moved…I often think about what I wanted to say at certain Moment, but for some reason perhaps related to my shyness,the words have remained hidden in the depths of my soul…I often think of how many things I would have liked to say to the people that I love and I regret not having done it realizing that it was too late…I still think about it and I blame myself for not saying those words at the time…
    Thank you so much from my heart for sharing this emotional and wonderful poem,touched my heart! ♥️♥️♥️♥️

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  2. My biggest “what if” is getting my novel done and I’m rejected. Now I say “who cares” because there’s always self publishing with Amazon. Worst case scenario. This poem makes you think the bigger picture. Brilliant!

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