Incognito – September 12, 2022

I had become


To myself

For so long

The strands of my hair

No longer curled in any direction

Convincing me of all the things and thoughts

I did not need

Or want

Or care about

Not knowing myself good enough

To realize a touch

That burned

My faltered ego

And left me speechless

At the mercy of those I cared for the most

An empty plate

It was mine

All along

I would sit on the floor and smile

Day after day

Thinking in my bubbled thoughts

Having to convince myself

I am good enough

And as I rise to the table

It is clear

Where I had been forsaken

My boundaries

Became as still as a smooth lake’s top

But to you

To you

Who should have cared the most

It was an inconvenience

A challenge to work on yourself

A challenge I do not know

If you will take

Or throw away


I see how incognito

You have become to me

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