Talking to you…Trampoline 10/30/19

This song takes me there...Trampoline, by SHAED Picture by ARI Link to music video - Lyrics I've been havin dreamsJumpin on a trampolineFlippin in the airI never land just float thereAs I'm looking upSuddenly the sky eruptsFlames alight the treesSpread to fallin leavesNow they're right upon me Wait if I'm on fireHow am I … Continue reading Talking to you…Trampoline 10/30/19

Talking to you…My mother’s closet 10/28/19

Beside her bed, Behind a lanky Door Perched love On every shelf. Stepping in and Pulling the string I can still feel the tension, And then A deep click and grind, Illuminating life. Squatting in the corner Filling the entire space Alone, Sitting cross legged as Time ceased to move. No one bothered to find … Continue reading Talking to you…My mother’s closet 10/28/19

Talking to you…Little Girl 10/4/19

I wrote a stream of consciousness poem the other day in response to a post from The Alchemist Studio. For those of you who are grieving or struggling in some way or another, this is such an opportunity! Release... I want to share my poem with you, in hopes you’ll check out A Vase of … Continue reading Talking to you…Little Girl 10/4/19

Talking to you…Acceptance 9/17/19

When grief came upon me. I searched, and I searched for an exit. My way out, had to be just around the bend. The more I searched, the more I yearned for this closure, the more anxious I became. I wanted to know when I could put it to bed? Through walking this path, I've … Continue reading Talking to you…Acceptance 9/17/19

Talking to you…Something changed 9/13/19

Something changed, and I felt it right away. Those words, IT’S YOUR OWN DAMN FAULT. The sting jump starting my heart. Choking on the exhaust bellowing from under the hood. I felt it, the choice, given to me in an instant. I can’t sugar coat the depth of the pain those words coming from your … Continue reading Talking to you…Something changed 9/13/19

Talking to you…Falling Slowly 9/2/19

I came across this video a few weeks ago, and can't get it out of my head...beautiful song and amazing lyrics. So I'm sharing with hopes that it sticks to you, like it stuck to me! Falling Slowly - Glen Hansard and Padraig Cahill duet LYRICS I don't know youBut I want youAll the … Continue reading Talking to you…Falling Slowly 9/2/19