So Many Stars – January 6, 2020

Pacing Looking out All the meat Passing by Feeling my heart thump faster Even though I’m standing still Ten licks forward, ten licks back Nowhere to go Yet, I’ve been here before Eyes I see so many eyes Drooping and wide open I wonder... Too much rattling of the brain Makes the Legs tire From … Continue reading So Many Stars – January 6, 2020

Wasted Things – January 6, 2020

I have seen things Been through things I cannot undo things All because I trusted you. You dropped me, Emotionally Half ass loved me Only for who... Sometimes I catch you staring And question... Would words, Help me break free, Letting you in To see the real me. But in the end, Words are just … Continue reading Wasted Things – January 6, 2020

Talking to you…Outos Ego 1/3/20

A blogger, who gives so much and asks nothing in return created this video for me. The music chosen was one of her favorites. I cannot thank Outos Ego enough. Missing my mom, and wondering what our relationship might have been like today. CLICK HERE: Short video clip by Outos Ego Thank you, Outos Ego, … Continue reading Talking to you…Outos Ego 1/3/20

What’s Left, In Front of You – January 1, 2020

See me; Through my tears Past the nit picky Into the deep Down Deep Valley Beyond the shadows Where the light creeps Up Hitting and Cracking the Layers Upon layers Of cut down Rings Left standing alone Ignored and forgotten Until everything Is all gone And people wonder why There is nothing to breathe Nothing … Continue reading What’s Left, In Front of You – January 1, 2020