Talking to you…Emotional Block 6/15/19

Writer's block, So cliche. What about, emotional block. When your heart has given all it can, and stops to breath. You wait and you ponder, Feeling nothing. It's okay to be numb for awhile. It gives you time to exhale. When it returns, and it always does. You will be ready to spill it out … Continue reading Talking to you…Emotional Block 6/15/19

Back and Forth – March 17, 2019

There are times out of nowhere I can’t catch my breath. She squeezes with all her might, And tugs at my bleeding heart. I can’t think straight. Mind frozen in the past, or is it the future that makes me sob? So hard the tears flood my cheeks turn into rivers. I can’t see past … Continue reading Back and Forth – March 17, 2019