A Dreamlike Awake – March 14, 2020

I stepped over the uprise Between the out and the in I came to a surrounding That hypnotized me I couldn’t catch my breath The sound was silence Stunned into oblivion It was everything I couldn’t imagine All my desires Of dreams Had come true I listened in the illusion I know it must be … Continue reading A Dreamlike Awake – March 14, 2020

If I Fall Apart – March 7, 2020

If I fall apart Will you hold me together... Take my hand And quench my thirst Your smell I’d follow Anywhere Wrapped around Protecting The sun will shine Roses will grow The sea waves Crash And pull Us out Into the rip tide You and I will Sit atop our world Laughing and crying Because … Continue reading If I Fall Apart – March 7, 2020

The Birds Still Sing – February 25, 2020

I live here Because this is where she is The upside down The land that exists Incoherently From the rest I’ve grown to find safety In my solace Lean in against myself The birds still chirp Only I can hear the sad song they sing Filling my head With ideas So many ideas That will … Continue reading The Birds Still Sing – February 25, 2020

Frosted Moon – February 10, 2020

Frosted moon Glowing Behind the branches Drawing my eyes up Somewhere past the skies Oh little prince Keep us young You and I Outside In the circle The world passing us by The feelings I remember Easy and whole The mark left A constant reminder Of who I was And who I’ve become Oh moonshine, … Continue reading Frosted Moon – February 10, 2020