Into the Shadows of the Clouds – May 22, 2020

It is hard

When the dark finds you

And chooses


To let you go

The shadows

In the clouds

Are closer than you think


With their wretched claws

Have you ever seen them

Have they touched


Melting in

To who


Thought you were


Scratching and biting

Until there is nothing left

Do you let them take you

Into the shadows

Of the clouds

11 thoughts on “Into the Shadows of the Clouds – May 22, 2020

  1. I’d like to answer that question you left floating at the end… Yes, I once got caught by the shadows, but it did not last, it seems. Quiet a romantic piece of work. Powerful.

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  2. Excellently said. You see, long after the sun’s rays are cut off from the viewer, they will still be shining upon clouds high overhead, and therefore able to cast shadows. 🥴…👻…👅

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