What’s Left, In Front of You – January 1, 2020

See me; Through my tears Past the nit picky Into the deep Down Deep Valley Beyond the shadows Where the light creeps Up Hitting and Cracking the Layers Upon layers Of cut down Rings Left standing alone Ignored and forgotten Until everything Is all gone And people wonder why There is nothing to breathe Nothing … Continue reading What’s Left, In Front of You – January 1, 2020

Obligatory Love – May 31, 2019

Working the room, A Filial beloved Drowns in The must permeating. ~~~ Building, Layers on skin. Blinding eyes To truth. ~~~ Sitting, solitary. An empty room surrounds me. The chill of metal On my legs Pressing into my hide, As one, we sit in place. ~~~ White walls Evade emotion. Fluorescent bulbs, No windows Seal … Continue reading Obligatory Love – May 31, 2019