Forget Me Drug – June 1, 2020

I’m up, again

And here go my thoughts

Slipstreaming along

I’d love to share them with you

But we’ve been here before

And for some reason

Attempt after attempt

I still cannot get the words

To come out right

I love you

But there’s that part of…

You mean well

But when I listen

Your complete disdain

Brings us right back

To this starting point

And I don’t know

What to think


22 thoughts on “Forget Me Drug – June 1, 2020

      1. Doree, it’s me, Olga (but perhaps you already knew it). Hope I’m not driving you crazy 😄
        I have created a second blog, and the reason why is explained in my “about” of the page. I think I’m here to stay, in the two of them, for good. At least it makes sense to me. I feel much comfortable though it would take long to explain and it’s not necessary. Sorry for using your comment section to explain. Much love 😊.

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      1. Please, Doree, don’t feel obliged to follow. It’s just that, as I will probably comment on your posts or give them a like, from whatever account I’ll be then on, I wanted you to know that it would still be me. In my defense of these changes, I have to say that Ive been striving to find a format where I could feel comfortable to continue posting, and this format means having two paths of expression, two facets. I’m the same but the two need their own channels separately. And it’s only a personal feeling. Thank you again. Then feel free, please and of course, call the name you want. I’m not anonymous anymore 😉☀️💚

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      2. Yes, I understand. When I first began this journey, I had also written some children’s poems/stories. I had them posted on their own tab, but eventually took them down because I felt they didn’t belong here. I guess that makes me feel like I can understand what you’re doing. I like to follow both sites so your post pop up in my reader 😊 or email.

        I think we are all searching, searching for what feels right, where the pieces fit together. I’m not sure I’m there yet…or will ever be. But I also think I’m too stubborn to give up. Hugs 🤗

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      3. What you say is exactly what I feel about my decision to have these two pages. And the same as you, I still think there’s a way to go ahead. But that is life, always searching and adjusting. Too stubborn myself as well. Thank you!! 🤗

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