Oh Child – 2017

Oh child,
Your mother is sick.
We let you in, but hold you out.
She’s going to die,
But we won’t tell you.
We’ll act the same,
Except we know everything’s different.

Oh child,
We’ll build up walls around you,
Keep you safe from the pending truth.
If it’s only for a little while,
Keep your world spinning smoothly.
No need to worry yet, but your mother’s sick.

Oh child,
Do you see it now?
She is showing signs.
Believing our words dance silently past your ears.
We know your world is changing,
But we’ll act the same.
Except everything’s different.

Oh child,
The thunder is rolling in.
We’ll give you one final moment.
We’ll let you say your goodbyes.

I hold her tight in her hospital bed.
Knowing in my heart,
What everybody’s known.
She’s going away forever.
She squeezes me one last time.
I don’t know how to feel.
Relief or sadness,
Two tangled emotions that don’t go together.
I always knew this day was coming,
But didn’t know how I’d feel.
It didn’t hit me hard at first,
But slowly crept up to me.
It has yet to let me go.

Oh child,
Our walls are crashing down.
You were only a child,
Your mother slowly died,
We tried to shelter you.
You saw everything.
We’re sorry we didn’t let you in.

I felt everything.

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