I Will – February 10, 2019

As the suns rays prepare to leave this Earth, I feel closest to her I sit, cozy, crossed legged and tucked underneath. I listen to their distant voices dancing back and forth, my life is still. One yells out, MOM! I am quick to answer back. Silence. He has moved on to his next task, … Continue reading I Will – February 10, 2019

Oh Child – 2017

Oh child,Your mother is sick.We let you in, but hold you out.She’s going to die,But we won’t tell you.We’ll act the same,Except we know everything’s different. Oh child,We’ll build up walls around you,Keep you safe from the pending truth.If it’s only for a little while,Keep your world spinning smoothly.No need to worry yet, but your … Continue reading Oh Child – 2017