Billions of Seconds – August 14, 2019

The summer’s final heat is Plump and uncomfortable. Leaving us Soaked in our own coolness Distracted and searching... ~~~ All of the hours And minutes spent, It’s daunting to Think about the billions of seconds Thrown over our shoulder. Left far behind Each day. The sweetness shared With the quick lasting hugs, The little fires … Continue reading Billions of Seconds – August 14, 2019

Talking to you…Dear Children, – June 28, 2019

To my children in case of my untimely death (because this is the shit I think about), We are all born on the same path, every living being is given the opportunity to live and to die. No matter the length or what your journey is filled with. Live and love without reservation, regret, and … Continue reading Talking to you…Dear Children, – June 28, 2019

Obligatory Love – May 31, 2019

Working the room, A Filial beloved Drowns in The must permeating. ~~~ Building, Layers on skin. Blinding eyes To truth. ~~~ Sitting, solitary. An empty room surrounds me. The chill of metal On my legs Pressing into my hide, As one, we sit in place. ~~~ White walls Evade emotion. Fluorescent bulbs, No windows Seal … Continue reading Obligatory Love – May 31, 2019

Oh Child – 2017

Oh child,Your mother is sick.We let you in, but hold you out.She’s going to die,But we won’t tell you.We’ll act the same,Except we know everything’s different. Oh child,We’ll build up walls around you,Keep you safe from the pending truth.If it’s only for a little while,Keep your world spinning smoothly.No need to worry yet, but your … Continue reading Oh Child – 2017