There All Along – January 20, 2018

I see now, she did try.

She started sending it to me in droves,

I compiled and neatly tucked it away,

Not to understand the depth of what she was doing until she was gone.

Her love and remembrances shout to me,

Loud and clear!

She didn’t forget.

She remembered every day.

She lived in pain, as I did.

Now she lives on in my memories.

Hopefully, rejoicing with my mom.

She has given me the tools to process my grief.

They were there all along.

My eyes were closed to the pain my heart couldn’t bear.

But now the circumstances have all fallen into place.

My heart has opened.

What once was unbearable, I’m letting flow in and out.

As I learn to walk this path alone.

I feel them both as clear as I feel the sun shining on my face.

They have always been with me,

They will always be with me,

They were there all along.

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