Lines – June 22, 2019



On and on and on…


Horizon stretched tight,

My heart pitter patters.

A blip,

Up and down,

Up and down,

And again.


A calming

Sense of length.

Streaking by

On a rider’s



Yours and mine,

But a dash.

Continuing to travel

Long after we’ve



The rill of life


Retelling a story

Looking ahead

To what we

might behold.


While some

Curlicuing backwards,

And then forwards again.

Dotted or dashed,

Horizontal and perpendicular.


Each day

The formation


With peaks and valleys,

lulls that swoop,

And lift you

Into orbit.


You can catch one too,

If you pay attention

To the lines

That are running

Amongst us

Each way.

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