Time Warp – November 4, 2019

Tired and tingly Zooming Faster and faster Caught in this shitshow Of who knows what Or where it began Flying through blinks Never stopping Or slowing Whizzing But feeling it all Every single drop Or ounce Of love And hate Awkward and chest puffing Not knowing Where it’s going to end Trying to take it … Continue reading Time Warp – November 4, 2019

Talking to you…Little Girl 10/4/19

I wrote a stream of consciousness poem the other day in response to a post from The Alchemist Studio. For those of you who are grieving or struggling in some way or another, this is such an opportunity! Release... I want to share my poem with you, in hopes you’ll check out A Vase of … Continue reading Talking to you…Little Girl 10/4/19

Empty Illusion – September 15, 2019

Open flashes Sitting behind a window Endless and untouchable. Wanting and yearning Nothing to fill the gap you’ve left. A permanent void. ~~~ I could write a thousand lines, I could feed myself all the bullshit About our perfect family, But I cannot anymore The illusion is bygone. Eaten by the knowledge Of allowing my … Continue reading Empty Illusion – September 15, 2019