Talking to you…Today 12/30/19

Today is my mom’s 67th birthday. This is the third year I’ve let myself remember it. This morning, I woke up to my husband asking how old my mom would have been today…to tell you the truth I’m not one hundred percent sure, but 67 is close. So here’s to you mom, I miss you more than you ever could have imagined.

18 thoughts on “Talking to you…Today 12/30/19

      1. What’s her name ?
        Do you remember the colours she liked ?
        Is there a picture of hers in a post of yours ?

        Ps : i hope i don’t make you feel uncomfortable with my questions.

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      2. Ha! Yes, it does make me a little uncomfortable, but by no fault of yours. Thank you for asking :).

        Her name was Donna
        I don’t remember her favorite colors, but I do have a few things of hers and it seems as though she liked more neutral colors.
        Yes, there is one picture that I can remember posted to my blog it is of her, my brother, and I fishing :). I’ll see if I can find it…

        Thank you so very much for asking about her ♥️

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      3. I just meant that no ones really asked me about her, and I’m not used to it, hence the little uncomfortable, but it felt good to remember her out loud too. So, please, don’t apologize. I’m grateful you asked.

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