Los Jóvenes – July 26, 2020

In my mind I am little But aren’t we all Holding on To the ease Of times once had Placed under the covers Lifted to heights Unseen Believing in the band Of Gypsies Exempt of Solid ground Slipping In the heat Of an unsourced sun Always believing In something unseen The distance untouched And bleeding … Continue reading Los Jóvenes – July 26, 2020

Forget Me Drug – June 1, 2020

I’m up, again And here go my thoughts Slipstreaming along I’d love to share them with you But we’ve been here before And for some reason Attempt after attempt I still cannot get the words To come out right I love you But there’s that part of... You mean well But when I listen Your … Continue reading Forget Me Drug – June 1, 2020

Into the Shadows of the Clouds – May 22, 2020

It is hard When the dark finds you And chooses Not To let you go The shadows In the clouds Are closer than you think Waiting With their wretched claws Have you ever seen them Have they touched You Melting in To who You Thought you were Reaching Scratching and biting Until there is nothing … Continue reading Into the Shadows of the Clouds – May 22, 2020