Talking to you…2/29/20



My mom used to call her breasts, bosoms.

So of course, I’ve been told I would toddle around the house calling out

Buzi buzi buzi buzi

When I was hungry.

Not sure if this is something I recollect,

Or just a memory placed.

I’ve always thought it was a funny word.

Much better than tit

Which sounds, well, uhmm, quite frankly

If you say tit, your intentions are dirty.

Then there is breast.

I can’t help but think of chickens,

It’s what’s for dinner!

But, bosom makes me laugh

Bouncy jovial bosom.

Buzi buzi buzi

Oh what a word…

10 thoughts on “Talking to you…2/29/20

  1. I’ve learned a new way to mention, let’s say, my “prominent feminine attributes”?? and I like it! 😄 I’ll go buzi buzi buzi. They’re all males at home, so I’ll be like the girlchild fussing around… 💚

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