Talking to you…10/13/20



The smell of warm concrete and chlorine, the summer used to hold me hostage. There was an oversized rectangular concrete slab children climbed upon to tug and pull at their sticky bathing suits, while watching themselves in an equally large reflective piece of cloudy glass hanging on the wall. When it was time to go, I remember her naked body inside the local pool’s changing room. I remember thinking to myself, I’ll never look like that. Those dimples on her thighs and sagging breasts, never me. My mother was always thin and heathy looking, but the tatters of an aging body that had birthed two children, my youthful ignorance could see plainly. Her hands were rough from working and playing in the dirt. When I held them jocosely in mine I could see where the skin began to show lines feeling the unforgiving cracks. I did not like this, and told myself, never me. I got to have those thoughts, but never a conversation with her. And now I wonder, or maybe I assume my daughters are thinking the same things…

11 thoughts on “Talking to you…10/13/20

      1. It is a feeling like no other, one we will always sit with when it stops by.

        And I bet, after reading you, when you said larger than life, you have a lot of your dad in you ♥️

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      1. Thank you, dear Doree. Its is a pleasure to read and share you precious poetry, thoughts and feelings. Yes, mostly i read and share the bloggers’ posts, when i feel a bit better. It keeps me somehow active and i like it. I hope you ‘re doing fine, dear.

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