Pieces of Forgiveness – December 22, 2021


Inside the inklings

Of time

Picked up

By the wanderers

Who have nothing to forgive

Because forgiveness itself

Seems to be letting go

Or so I’ve been told

Inside the glimmers of light

The sun will eventually

Hand over the day

To the moon

Seemingly scattered

These dreams I’ve had

A million times


In the pieces of forgiveness

Who will I look to

If nobody finds me

8 thoughts on “Pieces of Forgiveness – December 22, 2021

  1. perhaps …. to those you love and for whom you must learn to forgive – I understand very well what you are saying, it is a path… very difficult – to ask yourself if it is worth it, so difficult it is. I think that yes – well, it’s only an opinion – your poem is very beautiful, very strong

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